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Quick Guide to Measure Member Experience

A Quick Guide to Measure and Elevate Member Experience


Join us for a discussion surrounding what is member experience, why it is important and what best practices you should take into consideration as you implement your strategy.

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Brand Loyalty - A Love Story


As COVID19 disrupted the way we do business, it has also affected the way consumers view brand loyalty. With these changes comes risk and opportunity. During this webinar, we discuss how brand loyalty has changed and how you can maximize it at your credit union.

We will cover:

  • What is brand loyalty
  • How has brand loyalty changed
  • How to maximize brand loyalty

Back to Business Series Intro


This first webinar will set the stage for the series by discussing the marketing lessons we have learned during the shutdown.

We will cover:

  • The Importance of Member Feedback
  • How to Maximize Engagement with Your Members
  • Marketing in the New Normal

The Importance of Member Feedback


We will cover the importance of collecting, analyzing and managing member feedback and how it can impact your member's experience.

We will cover:

  • Ways to effectively collect and report member feedback
  • Coaching improvements to elevate the member experience
  • Leveraging feedback can inform your marketing, operations and communications strategy

How to Maximize Member Engagement


Ways you can best engage with members to increase loyalty, promote your values and generate ambassadors for your brand.

We will cover:

  • How engagement is an interaction between parties
  • Ways to drive engagement in social media and other platforms
  • How leveraging your promoters can assist in your marketing and communications efforts

Marketing in the New Normal


Maximize ROI as you and your members adjust to the new and everchanging normal.

We will cover:

  • How to reallocate your marketing budget for maximum efficiency
  • What media channels are the most beneficial
  • Investments you could make to set your credit union up for the near future and beyond

Achieving the Golden "Narrative Transport" in Brand Storytelling


A brand's greatest marketing assets are its guarantee of trust, its hard-earned reputation and its connection to its customers. But what if most consumers only have a shallow understanding of a brand? That's where brand storytelling comes in to bridge that gap and make meaningful connections with consumers.


Cut Through the Noise and Deliver Value Members Want


Consumers have come a long way since cutting coupons out of newspapers and the backs of cereal boxes, but the draw of a good deal remains. What has changed is the way consumers engage with discounts, how they get these discounts, and their concept of value. So, naturally, organizations are grappling with how to change their loyalty and rewards programs to adapt to the new paradigm of consumer-first marketing.


Giving Reason to the Rhyme: Making Sense of Member Sentiment


Credit unions are renowned for their dedication to member service, but as technology continues to redefine the world, the definition of a positive member experience also evolves. Sentiment is difficult to measure, so making sense of what members truly mean becomes critical when looking to elevate your member experience efforts.

Save to Win Photo

Save to Win
Prize Linked Savings Program


Save to Win is the longest running Prize Linked Savings program in the US. CU members get a chance to win up to $5,000 in cash prizes for every $25.00 they save.

With over $160k in prizes being distributed to members every year, Save to Win is a great value based program, to incentivize your members to save when it matters most.

Member XP Photo

Member Experience Suite


MemberXP is a powerful, industry-specific analytics platform where credit unions can collect member feedback, gain actionable insights, and leverage tools to elevate service levels and improve processes. From baselining employee performance, to 'closing the loop' with members, this solution provides the functionality needed to improve member experiences in real-time, differentiate on brand, and retain lifelong members.

Love My Credit Union Rewards Photo

Love My Credit Union Rewards


Provide value when your members need it the most. Love My Credit Union Rewards is an affinity program providing credit union members with discounts on multiple products and services including wireless carriers, identity protection, used cars and much, much more.